Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?

Can we just have a second to bask in the glory of the title of this post? I thought of it while shopping for the ingredients and almost grabbed an unsuspecting shopper to inform them of it, such was my joy. ....done with the basking? Good. On with the recipe.

I have posted before about the absolute heaven on earth that is Moose Coffee in Liverpool. They serve American/Canadian breakfast orientated cuisine, and if it's one thing those guys know, it's eggs. One of their meals is the 'Liberty Moose'; scrambled eggs mixed with pesto served with cured ham. I sampled some of Gav's on my last visit and was hit by a taste sensation. The pesto gives the eggs a vibrant boost you don't usually get from this sort of breakfast, and the ham provided a solid porky base. I just had to recreate it at home. 

Initially, I set out to buy some pesto but when I got there I remembered that we had some pine-nuts in and plenty of olive oil, there's always room for a bit of fresh basil and Parmesan in our house so why didn't I just go the whole hog and make my own. And so I did. HOW BLOGGY AM I. I also decided to try a new sort of ham while Lidl offer such a range. I went for some Mortadella as I'd read about it in my 'Cook Italy' book.

Here's the recipe. Stop thinking about it and just bloody well DO IT.


For the Pesto (makes a cute little jarful, as pictured):
1 handful pine nuts
1 clove garlic, chopped
3 good handfuls ripped up basil leaves
1 handful grated parmesan cheese
Extra virgin olive oil

Scrambled Eggs (serves 1):
3 eggs
Big old knob of butter
1tbsp crème fraîche
Salt and pepper
You'll also need a plastic spatuala thingy

Bread (for toasting)

First lets sort out that pesky pesto.

1) Lightly toast the pine nuts.

2) Whizz up the garlic and basil in a food processor. Add the pine nuts, whizzy woo again.

3) Add the Parmesan a bit at a time, stirring and adding enough olive oil to make it into a saucy pesto consistency.

4) Now it's just a case of tasting and adjusting as you see fit. Season. Add more cheese if needed. Bit more olive oil if the textures not quite right etc. The leftovers that you don't use will keep for a week in the fridge.

Now for the eggs.

I started using Gordon Ramsey's method for scrambling eggs about a year ago (after reading about them on lovely Shu Han's blog) and have never looked back; they produce a barely set, creamy, curdy egg so if this isn't how you like 'em just follow your own (substandard) method.  ;)

1) Put your hob on it's highest heat and crack the eggs into a cold saucepan. Add half of the butter. Don't mix them together yet. Don't season.

2) Put the pan on the heat. Wait a few seconds and let your worry about your poor cheapo pan build into the adrenaline required for all the stirring. Then get your spatula and stir and combine and make sure the eggs don't stick. Add the rest of the butter.

4) You don't want the eggs to get too hot and overcook so every 30 seconds or so take the pan off the heat, stir stir stir, put it back on the heat, stir stir stir, take it off the heat, etc. Do this for about 4-5 minutes and just when you're wondering why you ever listened to a blog chef named after a woodland creature, they'll suddenly come together into lovely scrambled eggs.

5) In the midst of all that you'll need to run over and put your toast on. Or you'll forget so do it now, quick!

6) Take the eggs off the heat and add the crème fraîche to stop them from cooking any further, and to make them sexy as owt. Nowwww you can season.

7) Add the pesto! Try 1 generous tbsp at first. Add a bit more if you want.

8) Serve with the toast, ham and a sprinkling of pine nuts.

9) Ask your mum, who is eying your plate with suspicion, if she wants a bit. Wrestle the fork back off her when she can't stop eating this bona fide taste sensation.


  1. This made me smile a lot. Don't know what to do first; visit Moose or recreate at home (with your blog open on the dining room table)!

  2. You definitely need to find time for both! The sandwiches at Moose are AMAZING. Lot's of veggie options too x